Electronic Music Production Courses in Dublin

There is only one real way to learn how to make great electronic music:

You keep making track after track, learning something new with each track. The more time you spend making tracks, the more experience you gain. Here and there you might learn something from youtube, or from producers you know; sitting in on a session you see how someone else does something, you start applying it to your own tracks; or you take courses and learn from teachers about your software, your hardware, and how to make music with it.

BUT! None of these methods will actually make your music sound great unless you put in serious time and dedication. They can all be useful if they motivate and inspire you to make tracks, but in the end it is only the time you spend actually making tracks which gives you results.

If you are a producer making any creative style of electronic music, whether its house, techno, dubstep, postdubstep, wonky bass jazz, or any other genre, you will find courses here which will help you improve. You will learn musical techniques essential for the creation of good music: ear-training, music theory, rhythm skills and production techniques – all tailored specifically for the electronic music producer.

There are many parts of music theory which are not useful or practical – at Tronix Academy I focus on only those things which you will actually use in your music; how to make different chords (from basic triads to rich, open chords with higher extensions); how to make more interesting rhythms (the use of polyrhythms as found in many Jeff Mills tracks); how to use scales to make melodies and basslines.

While teaching music theory we will look at examples of classic house, techno and ambient tracks, analysing them to find out what is happening musically in them. Ultimately the goal is to be able to hear immediately what is going on in terms of chord progressions, types of chords, track structures and rhythmic content.

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